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Timeless Fall Favorites

Fall is coming and going, just like spring! I’ve had some life adjustments through these seasons as I’ve recently moved to the beach! This calls for serious changes in the wardrobe category, as beach weather wasn’t exactly the trend in my hometown. I’m fairly new to the fall fashion train but slowly I'm boarding and getting ready for departure so let’s get you readers on track.

Saggy granny jeans

Baggy, oversized, loose-fitting jeans that look like they were purchased from your older taller sister's closet that don’t fit you jeans… you know! Personally, I consider this a timeless piece that you can pass on to your traveling friends whomst the jeans also fit… Not really but you get the reference. This is a more difficult piece for me to find currently because I am taller than your average beauty, so I usually end up with a capri jeans look–which I'm trying to come to terms with.


Bracelets over cashmere

I love love love this wristlocked look for autumn. I’ll be sporting this classic look with my new bangles and bracelets over my cashmere/wool sweaters from Zara! I suggest attempting this style with a softer fabric sweater that won’t bunch too heavy underneath the bracelets. 



Balaclavas are not to be confused with the beautiful sweet pastry of the Ottoman Empire… but they are just as delicious! Balaclavas were originally designed to keep soldiers warm during war, but have since been construed into a serious fashion statement! I’ve recently purchased my very own balaclava, a vintage Prada. And honey, the cold weather cannot come soon enough! I am in love with everything about them, and so excited to see how the fashion girlies play around with them this year.


Slingbacks and silhouettes

The very feminine silhouette corporate blazer and slingback heel look are bringing back 90s ease. This look is timeless and can be interpreted in any way imaginable. Is covering up the new pink, are we reverting back to modest is hottest? Time will only tell as more blazer sets fly off the shelves and the teeny tops are left behind! 


The baggy trench

The baggy trench coat comes in multiple ways reimagined – wool, denim, cashmere, etc. I’m in love with the trench coats GuestInResidence is bringing to the table this fall, and the elegance it adds to an outfit. The baggy trench is such a classic way to elevate those essentials fall basics – it can be the piece that completes the puzzle. I am obsessed with pairing a baggy trench with our very own saggy granny jeans and a beautiful slingback or boot. Don’t be afraid to add a scarf to accessorize, the colder the weather the better the look! We’re talking layers people layers! 


Skinny scarves

We know them, we love them, and they’re anything but a thing of the past. Skinny scarves have a special place in my heart as it’s extremely rare to find an accessory you can absolutely do so much with. Skinny scarves double as an amazing hair accessory, triple as a corporate style tie, and quadruple as a belt! I use my skinny scarf to recreate that iconic Carrie Bradshaw updo, but I also love them just as they are. Sometimes all you need is a simple skinny scarf to accessorize your outfit, but that scarf will do you so much more if you let it! 


Let me know what thoughts you guys have on these fall trends, and if you'll be participating! As always, thanks for reading. (:

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